Hey Curvy Girls, Kayla here! 26 year old Brooklyn girl, I’m the Director of Catering for a university here in NYC. I’m pear shaped and petite standing at 5′ 2″.

I love fashion and would describe my style as Hillary Banks, Kim Kardashian, and Carrie Bradshaw rolled into one, with a sprinkle of Cinderella ✨. I’ve always struggled with sizing, as a size 10/12 I’m not considered plus but I don’t quite fit the standard cuts either, being that my waist and hips have a 10″ difference!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and I have been trying to control my symptoms (mainly weight gain) to the best of my ability. Since graduating, with the stresses of adulthood and PCOS, I’ve gained 50lbs! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY CURVES! As an Afro-Caribbean woman, I’ve been fortunate to have grown up knowing my body was special. I want to share that body positivity and self-love with you all!



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