Goal Digger: Taking a Leap of Faith

Start the new year off on the right foot by going after your goals and aspirations. Growth and elevation are what I am constantly striving for. Patience is a virtue and something I have always struggled with, but with faith and prayer God will reveal to you what is ultimately for you.

I start with that to say this… last September my career took a turn for the worst, I was told by my company that I was being laid off due to a merger. I have always been an optimistic, glass half full type of person and decided to speak with HR about my options for continuing with the new company and looking for a position outside of the state. I am single with no kids and no real ties to my hometown of Boston, MA. I was scared, but I knew this was my opportunity to finally make something of myself. To finally leave Boston, with a secure contract from a major company no less!

The year prior, I tried moving to Atlanta, GA without a job and I was only able to stay for about 3 months before I decided to come back home, and now there I was about to lose the very job I came back to Boston for! I was scared, and conflicted with major decisions, a pivotal turn in my career.

The process moved pretty quickly regarding relocation and after a month, I landed an interview for a Sr Analyst position in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I am not a country girl by any means but I knew there had to be a reason God wanted me to go to this place. Was Oklahoma the place for me? Would I be able to make friends? Would I experience any discrimination because of skin color or the fact that I did not associate with the southern culture? Would I even like it there? These were all thoughts that ran through my mind constantly as I contemplated moving across the country. Fast forward, here I am with everything I said I had wanted… to move to another state and a  blossoming career with a major company!

It’s been a full year now since I have moved to Oklahoma and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. Of course it has been tough being away from my family and friends but I have been able to grow and really find myself as a woman. Outside of work my time is focused on bettering myself mentally and spiritually by attending church, living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, as well as working on my various business ventures. I no longer settle! No one is going to tell me what I can and cannot do. If i want something I go after it and it is OK to say no when you feel as though you are not being fully valued. Know who you are as a person, demonstrate what you do well and ask for help when you may not know the answer. In everything you do, make sure to always have confidence. Most importantly, do not let the fear of the unknown block your blessings!

Peace & Love,

Natalie 💜


Art Deco Building in Tulsa, OK


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